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-  * [[address#​parking|Parking in Zaventem]] 
-  * [[address#​Public Transport|Public Transport]] 
-  * [[#​Reservations|Reservations]] 
-We offer a centrally heated double room with private bathroom and a private kitchen/​eating area. This is available for nightly rental and is situated in the shopping street of Zaventem village which offers daytime shopping, night shops, bars, restaurants,​ and several banks with cash dispensers. There are two supermarkets,​ a weekly market, launderette and many other shops close by.  
-Train and bus services are also close by and provide direct connections to Brussels International Airport, Brussels Town Centre and Leuven. Zaventem is also serviced by the main motorway link to the airport and so is easy to find by road. 
-The accommodation has its own entrance and is located on the first floor via stairs. 
-The room is registered with [[tourist_flanders|Tourism Flanders]] as '​room-related accommodation (kamergerelateerd lodgies)'​ and meets the safety and quality standards mandated by the Government Decree of 10/3/17, 5/2/16 and 10/7/08. This mandates periodic inspections of gas, electric, fire safety and exhaust. 
-The room rate is 55 euros/night but we offer a discount scheme for longer stays which allows us to reduce the cleaning frequency of the room to weekly and to providing fresh towels and sheets weekly. ​ 
-^Consecutive Stay^Cost| 
-|1-2 nights|55 euro per night| 
-|3-6 nights|50 euro per night for entire stay| 
-|7 nights|pay for 6 nights, 1 night free| 
-|14 nights|pay for 11 nights. 3 nights free| 
-|21 nights|pay for 16 nights. 5 nights free| 
-|28 nights|pay for 20 nights. 8 nights free| 
-|each additional week|pay for 5 nights. 2 nights free| 
-|{{gallery>​ accommodation/​img8.jpg?​300x225}}{{gallery>​accommodation/​img9.jpg?​300x225 }}|{{gallery> ​ accommodation/​img10.jpg?​300x225}}{{gallery>​accommodation/​hallway_entrance.jpg?​300x225 ​ }}| 
-To make a booking, please email sales@kaew.be with your dates.