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 </​html>​ </​html>​
 +=====Public Transport=====
 +  * sncb.be
 +The train station is 5 minutes walk from our property at the top end of our street. When planning trips, the station is known as Zaventem Dorp (Village). Brussels International Airport is also located in Zaventem and this can cause much confusion. Many of the trains to the airport do not stop at Zaventem Village and Zaventem ​ is often used to refer to the airport station. Busses also exist with Kirkplein or Zaventem Station [De Lijn] being the closest stops.
 =====Parking===== =====Parking=====
   * www.zaventem.be/​nl/​464/​content/​722/​parkeerzones.html   * www.zaventem.be/​nl/​464/​content/​722/​parkeerzones.html