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Stationsstraat 85

1930 Zaventem

Tel: 027.268.759


Kaew Thai BVBA


WARNING This information is for guidance only. It is my personal understanding and can become out of date. Please don't forget that you are responsible for your own parking decisions and you must base these on the official information.

Blue Zones

Parking in Zaventem requires display of a blue clock that you place on your cars dashboard to show the time you arrived. The current exceptions to this are

  • The car park in Kirkplein which is a Pay and Display
  • Kliene Daalstraat as you leave Zaventem and so exit the blue parking zones. It is a 5 minutes walk back to our property from this, currently unrestricted, parking area.

The blue zone board shows you its hours of operation and how long you can park. If you arrive outside of the controled time, i.e. after 20:00 then set your arrival time to the hour the control resumes, i.e. 7am in the example. This will give you two hours parking from 7am-9am when the restriction resumes. However, outside of Stationsstraat, many of the roads currently allow an 11 hour stay.

Kirkplain Parking

Kirkplein is the easiest parking to locate as it sits next to the main road through the village. It is also only 2 minutes walk from our property. At its entrances there are signs to

  • A 'P - Ticket' sign to inform you when you need to purchase a parking ticket. The photo shows us that weekend parking is free of charge. Check the sign when you arrive to confirm this.
  • A zone sign next to it is informing you that on Mondays, between 5am and 2pm, the car park is closed. This is because of a Monday market. Just below the Maandag notification can be written additional dates and times where the car park becomes unavailable. In the example this was on the 9/9/18. If your vehicle is parked at any of these times then it will be towed and you do not want that.

The next picture is of the payment meters electronic display. It shows you the costs. Currently you can take a ticket that allows free parking for the first 30 minutes.

Temporary Roadside Restrictions

Belgium uses temporary signs to inform you when it is not allowed to park in an area that is normally ok. The plate gives the time and date that this restriction is in force. The arrow beneath indicates whether the sign marks the start/end of the restriction or not. When the arrow is pointing in both directions then it is informing you that the restriction applies in both directions for that side of the road, This particular example is a sign at the end of the restriction and so the restriction ends here. Look down the road for the next sign to determine the extent of the restriction and to make sure you understand upon which side of it you can park. Error on the side of caution if you do not want to be towed.