We are a supermarket specialising in Thai and other Asian food products. Kaew Thai was started in June 05.

We chose Zaventem as a location due to its easy access from the motorway, so that our clients do not have to commute to the centres of Brussels or Antwerp to do their weekly shop.

Our product range includes Rice, Coconut, Spices, Noodles, Teas, Beer, Cooking Utensils, Vegetables, Soups, Frozen Products, Beans, Flour, Sauces, soft drinks and snacks. Our fresh vegetables are flown in from Thailand and arive every Tuesday afternoon.

When visiting us it is also possible to sit and eat something Thai or take home with you. We also have an interesting range of home made Thai cakes.

Opening Times

Sunday, mondayClosed

Fresh Vegetables and Herbs

Fresh vegetables are delivered to the store Tuesday mornings via airfreight from Thailand.

Anna's Kitchen

Subject to availability, a selection of items can also be purchased from our kitchen.

Spring rolls (chicken, Vegetable or Pork)50 cent/piece
Sim rolls (Spicy Lamb and pea)50 cent/piece
Scratchings (Crispy pork/chicken Skin)5 euro / bag

Tuk's Cakes

In our store you may find a selection of homemade Thai cakes at 5 euro/box. New deliveries tend to be Tuesday afternoon but this can vary.